A waste free community and where skilled and unskilled people have equal access to job opportunities.

about us

What do we do?

Evergreen is a recycling company that recycles waste products such as boxes and plastics into artificial wood and furniture.Evergreen plays a significant role in reducing waste and environmental pollution in Tanzania, where there is a large amount of unattended waste. We seek to create job opportunities for skilled and unskilled labour.

The generation that destroys the environment is not the generation that pays the price. That is the problem.

~ Wangari Maathai

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Our Products

We design all types of furnitures: office tables, school desks, home furnitures from plastic waste.Evergreen main aim is to reduce environmental pollution in Tanzania which has cause a serious number of health hazards.


Great people trusted our services


Jobs created

+10.2 tons



Furniture sold

+$ 1500



Yasin Biddy

Chief Executive Officer

He is a young Innovator and motivational speaker passionate about STEM,Leadership and Environmental conservation .He founded Evergreen and is a Executive director of Yassine Ltd which manufacturing Chingo multipurpose pain relief and massage oil.

Asha Abbas

Managing Director

Asha Abbas is a young African leader passionate about technology, leadership and environment.As an agent of change, she founded Aurateen and is a co-founder of Evergreen.